olio \ ˈō-lē-ˌō \ (noun): a miscellaneous mixture

Right now, my olio includes sports, horse events, landscapes & horses, and senior & family sessions. 

  • I am offering high-resolution downloads and prints, with select photos available as prints only. Besides printing on photo paper, print options also include canvases, metal prints, standouts, wood prints, and tiles. 
    • Many more printing options are available; please ask if you have any questions.
  • Please click here for information about photo sessions. I would love to work with you!

When choosing your photos, feel free to take advantage of the lightbox feature on my website. Select the checkmark on the bottom of any thumbnail or click the "Add to lightbox" button on the bottom right corner of an enlarged image to add it to a folder that can be saved to view or add images to at a later date. On mobile devices, enlarge the image, tap the three bars icon on the top right corner of the photo, and then select "Add to lightbox." You can create an account to access the photos at a later time. 

Price List - Due to an increase in cost at my printer, product costs will be increasing starting February 1, 2022

7% sales tax will be added to all North Dakota orders. 

Product Price Shipping
High Resolution Digital Download $20 Directly to your email!
Print  (Mounted price)  
4x6 $4 ($10) Standard $5
5x5 $5 ($11) Priority $7
5x7 $8 ($14)  
8x10 $14 ($20)  
10x10 $16 ($26)  
11x14 $24 ($34)  
Gallery Wrap Canvas    
5x7 $110 Standard $7.50
8x10 $120  
8x12 $125  
16x20 $150  
16x24 $160  
Metal Prints    
4x6 with easel $60 Standard $7.50
5x7 with easel $60  
8x10 with easel or float mount (+$4 for inset metal frame) $80  
8x12 with easel or float mount (+4 for inset metal frame) $85  
10x15 with float mount (+$5 for inset metal frame) $100  
10x20 with inset metal frame $110  
12x18 with inset metal frame $130  
16x20 with inset metal frame $140  
16x24 with inset metal frame $150  
10x30 with inset metal frame $160  
Ceramic Tile (Glossy or Matte)    
2x2 $10 Standard $14
4.25x4.25 $20  
3x6 $20  
6x6 $30  
6x8 $35  
8x8 $40  
8x10 $45  
8x10 $38 Standard $7.50
8x12 $40  
12x18 $70  
16x20 $90  
16x24 $110  
Float Wrap    
8x10 $48 Standard $7.50
8x12 $52  
12x18 $70  
16x20 $90  
16x24 $110